What unique DIY home improvement projects make life-at-home more enjoyable and make your home more appealing to potential buyers?

 How can you increase your home's value & make more money when you sell? 

If you are like us, you enjoy DIY home improvement projects. You enjoy working with your hands, feel satisfaction when people notice the quality of your work, and think about how your projects impact your budget and the value of your property.

We want to show you a way to increase your home's value up to 5% and make your property stand out from the homes in your neighborhood. Let us introduce you to home automation - practical, cost-effective, valuable, doable automation ideas that can be done as DIY home improvement projects. Projects that will add convenience to your life and money to your pocket when it's time to sell.

People like things that make life simpler, safer, greener and more convenient, especially millennials. We are all busy and realize that "time is money." Home automation products have become more readily available, easier to install, and cheaper to purchase. You can automate security systems, lighting, energy-efficiency units, and entertainment systems, making your home more appealing to people looking to manipulate their environment by pushing a button or operating an app.

We are creating this DIY home improvement site for you:

  • Homeowners who enjoy DIY home improvement projects and have wanted to dabble in home automation while increasing your home's value;
  • Flippers, who buy homes, live in them while renovating, and sell when finished;
  • Flippers, who buy and sell homes for a living and are looking for a competitive-edge in the marketplace;
  • Flippers, who purchase vacation rental properties and who are looking for that luxury "je ne sais quoi" that will help increase the daily rate for the rental.

Here's just a taste of what you will find:

  • Home Automation 101 - an introduction to home automation, tips and suggestions, book reviews to help shorten the learning curve, and information on selecting the right home automation project for you;
  • Tips on how to select the automation devices appropriate to your market and clientele;
  • Tips on choosing which automation ideas are right for your budget and provide the best resale value;
  • Product suggestions, reviews, and recommendations based on skill level;
  • Unfortunately, not all home automation products work together - and so we share information on which products are compatible and which are not; and,
  • What to do when a home automation project is more ambitious than your skill level can manage.

Join us on this journey to make life simpler, safer, greener and more convenient - all while increasing real estate profits. We invite you to bookmark our page. New information added regularly!

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